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I qualified as a Relax Kids coach after discovering this unique relaxation system which can help children with all emotions and well-being.

It has been recognised that child stress is on the increase and 1 in 5 children have some sort of mental health problems including anxiety and behavioural problems 
Relax Kids is the UK's leading expert in children's relaxation and their unique system has been used by psychologists, teachers, parents, play therapists, doctors, family therapists, life coaches, counsellors, yoga teachers, child care professionals and behaviour management specialists. 
I use themed sessions to include magical adventures which take children from a high energy to a low energy and encourages them to relax. This allows the children to be creative and imaginative. These techniques can be used to aid help children relax, improve sleep, increase learning, boost exam results or cope with 11+ stress, decrease stress and anxiety and improve children's self-esteem. 
Relaxation techniques help children recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life. 

Relax Kids classes include the following activities:                  
- DYNAMIC warm-ups and exercises
- EXCITING games
- RELAXING stretches
- CALMING stretches
- SOOTHING stretches
- POSITIVE affirmations
- CREATIVE visualisations
Send your child to a class where they have fun, make new friends and feel great (ages 4-10).
Let your child join us on a magical adventure as they learn vital relaxation skills. 
Relax Kids classes last between 45 and 60 mins and are different from any others as they use a unique combination of storytelling with exercises, stretching, breathing, massage as well as positive affirmations, visualisations and relaxations. The programme allows children to have fun but also help them learn vital skills that will help them for years to come.
Relaxation Programmes Tailored to your child or individual family consultations
- Do you have a child or children who are struggling with the following issues:
- Low confidence or low self-esteem
- Difficulty falling asleep
- Difficulty making friends or joining in with new activities
- Anger issues
- Concentration  
- Worries or concerns they find difficulty talking about
My aim is to teach you how to help your child which in turn helps you too. I am happy to work with one or more children and family members. I will teach you and your child strategies and techniques which will lead to:
- a more relaxed family 
- improved communication 
- increased self confidence and self esteem
- increased ability to manager anger and worries
- increased self confidence and self-esteem    
- improved sleep                                                                             

Ask me about my 11+  Exam Relaxation Programmes